• LNWR_full carriage with luggage stack 989 x 657
  • ArrivaClass158

    Project Brief:

    Develop & validate designs for 100+ types of Interior components for the ATW Class 158 vehicles within an 8 week period

    Submit prototypes for approval, and undertake First Article Inspections on all components prior to commencement of program



  • LNWR_luggage stack glass 492w x 657h
  • LNWR_folding table 492w x 326h
  • Customer: LNWR

    TOC: Arriva Train Wales  

    Scope of Supply: Tables, Luggage Racks, Luggage Stacks, Storage Areas, Ceiling & Body Panels, Toilet Module components 

    Manufacturing: Bakerbellfield

    Value: £1.2M

    Duration: 2011 to 2012

    Performance: All project milestones met, with quality & delivery performance above 99%

  • LNWR_luggage rack + divider 426w x 326h