• Gluing Line

    We have replaced conventional methods of Cold Press bonding using PVA, by investing in a Hot Polyurethane Gluing Line

    By doing so, we have seen productivity dramatically increase by reducing processing times, but we have also witnessed a reduction in delamination nonconformities to zero since commissioning

    We are always looking at ways of improving our production facility, and by purchasing one of the most technically advanced machines when it comes to fabricating sheet material, we have put ourselves at the forefront of Joinery manufacture


  • We are one of the first Joinery companies in the UK to install and operate a Hot Polyurethane Gluing Line.  

    Sourced direct from an Italian manufacturer, we have upgraded the line in recent months to add a central carousel enabling lamination of a substrate on both faces in just one pass


  • bond_hot melt 492w x 326h
  • Find out more

    Watch our capability video to understand how our Hot Polyurethane Gluing Line is operated

  • bond_laminate place 492w x 326h
  • bond_laminate roll 492w x 326h