Our Health & Safety commitment:

    Attach great importance to the H&S of our employees and all other persons affected by our activities, by establishing and enforcing safe methods of work in factory and on site

    Provide and maintain safe plant and machinery

    Ensure that tasks given to employees are within their skills, knowledge and ability to perform

    Promote awareness of H&S and of good practice through effective communication

    Identify hazards in the workplace, assessing the risks related to them and implementing appropriate preventive and protective measures


  • Our Environmental commitment:

    Continually improve our environmental performance 

    Reduce our consumption of resources & improve the efficient use of those resources

    Measure & take action to reduce the carbon footprint of our business activities

    Manage waste generated from our business operations & prevent pollution

    Ensure environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods & services


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  • Our Policies

    Please feel free to download:

    Health & Safety Manual BBL-M05-01-01

    Environmental Policy BBL-M05-01-02

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