• bb sec comp_almost full view 989w x 657h
  • bb:security compliance

    Project Brief:

    Make design improvements to Heathrow model, and exhibit at Passenger Terminal Expo 2015

    Ensure all relevant compliance with global aviation standard

    Design, specification, manufacture, and installation

  • bb sec comp_segragated waste angle 492w x 657h
  • segragated waste close up
  • Client: Bakerbellfield

    Contractor: N/A

    Project: Upgraded version of Security Compliance modules supplied to Heathrow

    Design: Bakerbellfield

    Manufacturing: Bakerbellfield

    Installation: Bakerbellfield

    Contract Value: N/A

    Duration: November 2014 to December 2014

  • bb sec comp_take a bag close up 492w x 326h