• southern_full train view inside 989w x 657h
  • LERLStanstedExpress

    Project Brief:

    Develop & validate designs for a suite of tables to meet GM/RT2100 for crash testing, and assist in developing design for Luggage Stacks.

    Instruct MIRA to undertake crash testing using H11RS instrumented dummy, and submit production issues for First Article Inspections



  • southern_grab rail + glass panel 492w x 657h
  • southern_standard class table fixed 492w x 326h
  • Customer: Bombardier

    TOC: LERL  

    Scope of Supply: Luggage Stacks, Standard Double Tables, Standard Folding Tables, First Single Tables, First Double Tables, First Single Folding Tables.

    Manufacturing: Bakerbellfield

    Value: £600k

    Duration: 2010 to 2011

    Performance: All project milestones met

  • southern_grab rail ceiling 492w x 326h