• Product Control

    Product is checked at all stages of manufacture to ensure we process parts with zero defects.  When it reaches Product Control, the final stage of production, it undergoes a 100% check for dimensions and aesthetics by our trained quality inspectors

    The Product Control teams are also responsible for kitting parts for assembly projects, wrapping product for despatch, and final sign off of product packages before being loaded on the vehicle

    We control the manufacturing process by issuing Product Packs which outline manufacturing processes, inspection types, dimensional and aesthetics reports.  Having all the product information contained in one document makes it easier for our Product Control teams to understand our customer’s expectations


  • Our Training Plan is regularly updated so that our Product Control teams stay alert to any quality concerns, and when issues arise as they do in manufacturing, our Quality team conduct a full investigation to understand root cause, corrective and preventive actions

    Once the investigation is concluded, the outcome is relayed back to the customer, and the preventive action is implemented

  • Find out more

    Watch our capability video to understand more about what our Product Control teams are responsible for