• Polyurethane Edging

    Our long-term emphasis has always been on product durability, innovation and quality, all of which are demonstrated by our polyurethane edged products

    Skilled toolmakers make moulds in-house, and using low pressure injection moulding machines specifically designed for us we are able to cast around the mould creating any desired edging profile

    The PU systems we have developed contain no volatile organic compounds, mercury, lead or tin, but have been replaced by clean, water-based products. As a finished product, polyurethane edging does not allow micro-biotic growth resulting in an anti bacterial hermetical seal between surface and edging

  • We continually invest in our equipment to ensure we keep akin with the latest injection moulding technology. Our specifically designed machines allow for pumping denser fire rated materials developed for the industries we work in.

    We push the boundaries with polyurethane edging, offering our customers industry first innovations in multi-layered polyurethane edging, an option offering unparalleled style


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  • Industry leaders in polyurethane edging

    We remain the UK’s leading manufacturer of polyurethane edged interior products.

    Please feel free to download our PU brochure



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