The specification of our woodworking CNCs are such that we are able to use nesting to create a kit of parts from one program.  This minimises our material waste and increases our output rates by reducing the amount of resource required when machining individual components

    All our machinery is maintained and calibrated in line with our Quality Management System with the aim of reducing corrective maintenance and downtime

    Training matrices are in place so that only employees trained in setting up, operation and maintenance can use our machinery


  • Regular process audits raise actions to reduce waste and increase productivity. The results of these audits are reviewed at a monthly Management Meeting, along with other Key Performance Indicators

    The KPI data collected is used by the Management teams to improve the performance of the business in areas of quality, delivery adherence, finance and sales


  • cnc__full factory shot b&w 492w x 326h
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    Watch our Capability video to understand more about our Woodworking CNCs 

  • cnc_purple machine factory 492w x 326h
  • cnc_purple machine 492w x 326h