• wave 3 desks full row 989x657
  • Heathrow:T2A

    Project Brief:

    Develop & validate furniture designs for all Check In & Associated Desk/Counter furniture

    Ensure all relevant compliance with HAL Design Performance Standard for Airline Desks, ASIAD and fire ratings

    Design, manufacture, and installation of 70 design variations across 500+ desks/counters

  • T2A_UKBF desk 492w x 657h
  • T2A_wave 3 centre back shot 492w x 326h
  • Client: Heathrow Airport Limited

    Contractor: HETCo 

    Project: Design, manufacture & installation Furniture packages

    Design: Bakerbellfield

    Manufacturing: Bakerbellfield

    Installation: Bakerbellfield

    Contract Value: £2.2M

    Duration: November 2012 to May 2014

  • T2A_wave 3 duo front 492w x 326h