Specialised Joinery


Over recent years there has been rapid growth in the use of adhesive bonding technology in the sectors we work. The use of adhesives in manufacture has become a genuine alternative to traditional joining techniques like welding.

We have been working towards certification to DIN 6701-2 Adhesive Bonding of Railway Vehicles, a standard for ensuring quality bonding techniques are adopted in the manufacture of our products.

CNC Woodworking Technology

We have continued to make significant investment in state-of-the-art CNC woodworking technology.

Components even with complex designs can be produced economically, and precisely, time and time again. Latest generation control technology, drives and software ensure virtually unlimited possibilities. Our multi-axis CNC machining centres are designed for cutting 3D contours enabling the rapid production of in-house tooling and difficult profiles.

Specialised Commercial Joinery

Our business was established as a Joinery contractor, and we have continued throughout the years to invest in skilled staff and advanced woodworking technology, to enable us to satisfy our blue chip clients with quality craftsmanship and joinery expertise.

Solid Surface Thermoforming & Fabrication

Solid Surface is a robust and highly flxeible acrylic polymer material that produces a clean, seamless finish with elegant aestetics.

Our skilled fabricators use solid surface for a multitude of applications including, Worktops, Counters, Wall Linings, and Monoliths. Further, we have invested in the latest Thermoforming technlogy to enable us to create a myriad of shapes from tooling produced in-house.

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